Consultant, Speaker, Author.
Sustainability Ninja.

I am passionately active in the field of sustainability. And because neither the future works without sustainability, nor sustainability without a future, the two things fit together so well. I see the future as a space for configuration that could offer even more quality of life for humanity. And this is precisely why I have been working on forward-looking concepts that make our lives more sustainable for many years now.

My Vita: Multifaceted.

Born in 1986. Holding a degree in business geography, business administration and journalism with many years of experience in the field of sustainability – if you can even put it that way. But hey, I am simply fascinated by what happens at the interface between human action and nature. And in order to experience as many perspectives and approaches for more sustainability as possible, I have a rather colorful professional past: from public (Federal Ministry) to semi-public (state-sponsored think tank) to private (from corporations to small companies) to non-governmental organisations. I always try to take an interdisciplinary view on things, because only systemic approaches promise sustainable solutions for the challenges of our time.  


My Mindset: Critical Future Optimism!

Of course, the world is not yet perfect, but it is much better than its reputation. And whoever starts out from the worst is barricading himself with a view to possible solutions and thus improvements. That is why I would like to see more optimism in thinking about tomorrow. A new courage that the future can become even better. This will enable us to solve many of the outstanding problems by approaching them cooperatively and above all constructively. It is not a question of blind confidence or hope, but of moderate, rational or rather critical optimism for the future. For the sake of simplicity, it could also be called possibilism. Because the future is a space for design and we are the designers – if we only want to.

Our attitude towards the future must be: We are now responsible for what happens in the future.

Karl Popper