Speaker, Author, Doer.
Sustainability Ninja.

I am passionately active in the field of sustainability. And because neither the future works without sustainability, nor sustainability without the future, the two things go together so well. I understand the future as a design space that reveals to us even more quality of life, value creation and being human. And that’s exactly why I’ve been working for many years now on forward-looking concepts that make our lives more sustainable.

My CV: Colorful.

Born in 1986, I have a degree in economic geography, business administration and journalism, with several years of experience in the field of sustainability – if you can call it that. But hey, I’m just fascinated by what happens at the interface between human activity and nature. And in order to experience and learn as many perspectives about and approaches for more sustainability as possible here, I have a pretty colorful professional history: from public (federal ministry) to semi-public (government-funded think tank) to private (from corporations to small businesses) to non-governmental organizations. I always try to take an interdisciplinary view of things, because only systemic approaches promise sustainable solutions to the challenges of our time.


My mindset: Critical 

future optimism!

Of course, the world is not yet perfect, but it is much better than its reputation. And if you always assume the worst, you block your own view of possible solutions and thus improvements. That is why I would like to see more optimism in thinking about tomorrow. A new courage that the future can be even better. This will enable us humans to solve many of the outstanding problems by tackling them cooperatively and, above all, constructively. This is not about blind confidence or hope, but a moderate, rational or rather critical optimism about the future. For the sake of simplicity, one could also call it Possibilism. Because the future is a creative space and we are the creators – if we only want to be.

Our attitude towards the future must be: We are responsible now for what happens in the future.

Karl Popper