My actions – living tomorrow as an opportunity

“Future is a space for design” may sound a bit trite, but it is 1:1 the truth. And I think everyone should call this simple formula more often to the mind’s eye. For my part, I try to take it literally by putting things I talk and write about into action – either myself or more often with my great partners and friends. Are you thinking about how you can make your organization or your products and services more sustainable? I will be happy to help you find and implement your ideas!

„Acting from conviction“ – innovative & inspiring

One of my major heartfelt topics is food waste or, conversely, all kinds of ideas and measures as to how we as a society can once again value our food. In order to act as a role model and to give innovative impulses to the population, economy and politics, I’ve been voluntarily engaged for years now – especially in my non-profit association ShoutOutLoud.

Aktuelle Projekte


Streetfood & mindfulness


Cook- & nonfiction book for food lovers


First zero-waste beer in Germany

Our food culture must become more sustainable, and Daniel Anthes has impressively demonstrated for years how this works with fun and enjoyment.

Rosemarie HeiligCity Councillor & Environment Officer in Frankfurt