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With my keynote presentations I make complex topics and their latest developments easy to understand and lastingly inspiring. You determine the flight level of the topics: No matter whether it’s a little higher, such as futurology, megatrends or social change, or deeper and more industry-specific, such as food trends or new sustainable lifestyles – I’m happy to adapt to your requirements and your audience. No presentation is like any other, but everyone is at least inspiring, perhaps somewhat provocative, but certainly entertaining.

Blockbusters of change

Megatrends are seismographs for future developments. And that’s why everyone should really look into them. As blockbusters of change, they change our societies slowly but fundamentally. And those who make decisions today for a more successful tomorrow most certainly can not avoid them.

Next Growth
Rethinking the economy

Economic growth, which is based solely on profit maximization, no longer works today. We must free ourselves from the fetish of growth and focus on qualitative aspects instead of quantitative ones. This systemic mindset not only reveals potential for innovation, but also real added value.

Future Optimism
How to rethink future

If you read the newspaper, switch on the TV or scroll through the newsfeed, you could quickly come up with the idea that today there is only uncertainty and approaching catastrophes. This keynote clears up negative images of the future and exposes the psychological mistakes and media deceptions of the rampant pessimism of our time.

Neo Ecology
A new paradigm for sustainability

The preaching of renunciation in the sense of sustainability simply doesn’t work. We have to reinvent the ecological paradigm to really save our world. With the help of green innovations, companies can open up completely new market potentials and stand up to the growing demands of high potentials.

Food Trends
Food is ideology

Food trends are orientation aids in dynamic eating cultures and answers to new social needs. Individualisation leads to nutrition becoming a religion. Globalisation creates a counter-reflex to the local and allows people to grow their own food again. And digitalisation opens up completely new possibilities for production and retail.

The counter trend of our time

A new quality of mindfulness emerges. Its origins are complexity, uncertainty, disruption mania and innovation surplus. Whether postmodern minimalism, Holistic Health, Social Cocooning or Spiritual Leadership – this “mindshift” is already being expressed today in almost all industries.

Discussing & moderating – constructively, interdisciplinary and humorously!

You are looking for a moderator or participant for a panel discussion? Thanks to my relaxed and humorous, but at the same time well-founded and constructive way of communicating, I am able to build a wonderful bridge to the audience at podiums, trade fairs and other events. This not only enables entertainment, but also, and above all, knowledge transfer. And that’s what it should be about at the end of the day, isn’t it?

Thank you very much for your presentation at our annual sales conference. You saw for yourself how full the room and how high the interest in your presentation was. The whole day was a complete success for us. So it is not unexpected that many people have already asked me about your presentation. Once again a big thank you very much to you!

Norbert MenneLead Event Planning @apetito AG

A great presentation that gave interesting insights into the complex topic of megatrends and the associated implications in an entertaining and at the same time very informative and descriptive way.

Sabinde BendenHead of Marketing @Zentis

Daniel Anthes brought the topic of futurology to life in a very entertaining and humorous way with his presentation. His words are a great can opener for anyone who wants to know where the FutureBias is based in the brain and how megatrends can be represented in the form of a subway plan.

Thorsten HageböckerHead of Innovation @E.ON

Very good keynote with lively presentation!

Christoph WaffenschmidtPresident @World Vision

Bernd LeibenathArea Manager GV @Transgourmet

Daniel Anthes gave an inspiring lecture on food losses at the Internationale Grüne Woche. Due to the eloquent way in which the keynote was given, the interest of the audience was high and the listeners could be sensitized to the importance of the topic. Many thanks for the many valuable suggestions!

Jan WeinreichSenior Policy Officer @Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit & Entwicklung

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