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The future is not a deterministic fixed point, but a creative space - and we decide today where the journey will take us.

Yep, that's me – Daniel Anthes
Daniel Anthes

Food & Sustainability Enthusiast

My name is Daniel Anthes and I am passionate about sustainability. So much so, that both professionally and privately, I devote all my energy to helping the issue gain more transformational power in politics, business and society. That’s why I’m also burning for the topic of the future, because we need innovative, courageous answers and real visions for our current and, above all, future challenges. I want to help make our world a more sustainable and livable place. To this end, I always keep my finger on the pulse of the times in order to inspire organizations, companies and people for sustainability and the future through my talks, texts and actions. My absolute favorite topic in this area: food. Because in no other industry do we see the change and its implications for the economy and society as a whole as early and impressively as here.

My Talk at INTERNORGA – Zukunftsaufgabe Transformation!

My keynote presentation at the International Foodservice Forum, Europe’s largest congress for the professional foodservice industry.

Future Food Trend Radar – The Tool for Food Change

Together with Milk, I looked into the future of food. The result is our Future Food Trend Radar, with which we structure the many different trends in the areas of food, kitchen, production and packaging in an entertaining and inspiring way. What is already relevant today and what will probably only reach social relevance around 2030 or even in the middle of the century?

My Commitment in German Television

TV station HR accompanied me for six days with a camera team to portray my multifaceted commitment against food waste. The result is an almost one-hour documentary, which is available in the ARD media library.

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Dan is a true pacemaker of our food revolution: as a futurologist, he puts the complex issues into an understandable context. At the same time, as a food entrepreneur, he shows how sustainable enjoyment can be shaped.

Dr. Philipp StradtmannCo-Founder, Food Harbour Hamburg

My Zero Food Waste-Startup – Knärzje!

The first bread beer in Germany, brewed with sorted out bread. Hence the name “Knärzje”, because the end piece of the bread loaf is the heart of our beer! Our bread beer against food waste!

It was highly motivating to hear someone who is knowledgeable, engaged, and “walking the talk” with such curiosity and enthusiasm. Perfect inspiration!

Sandra StalkerIKEA Germany

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Meine Food Stories

I now also have a Youtube channel! Since things have been a bit quieter due to Corona, but I continue to research the topics of sustainability and nutrition, I thought: Time for something new! So why not start with Youtube? I regularly dedicate myself to a current exciting nutrition phenomenon and produce entertaining, yet informative clips. Subscribe to my channel and stay up to date!

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