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Future is not a deterministic fixed sum, but a space for design - and we already today decide where the journey takes us.

Daniel Anthes
Daniel Anthes

Food & sustainability enthusiast

My name is Daniel Anthes and I am passionate about sustainability. So much that, both professionally and privately, I put all my energy into helping the topic to become more transformative in politics, business and society. That’s why I’m also burning for the future, because we need innovative, courageous answers and real visions for our present and, above all, future challenges. I want to make a contribution to making our world more sustainable and worth living in. I always keep my finger on the pulse of the times in order to inspire organisations, companies and people for sustainability and the future with my talks, texts and actions. My absolute favourite topic in this area: food. Because in no other industry do we see the change and its implications for the economy and society as early and impressively as here.

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Sustainability, innovation, change. With my podcast I look at society, the economy and the individual. How sustainably do we live? How is sustainability structured in our different areas of life? Where can we find visions for tomorrow’s world? Who are the entrepreneurial pioneers of a transformation towards the Next Economy? Which industries inspire others? What can I do as an individual to make a contribution?

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